Dominion Realty Capital

Debt Advisory Services

Dominion Realty Capital offers a variety of advisory services to real estate owners regarding their commercial mortgage loans. Many property owners and their lenders are finding it increasingly difficult to come to an equitable resolution for a troubled loan.

A well supported and professional analysis of the options facing the borrower and the property focuses the lender on workable resolutions for both parties. Unprepared communications with the lender typically yields a poor result that wastes time and opportunity, whether through a misunderstanding of intentions, or establishing positions on both sides which are impossible to escape.

Dominion Realty Capital is prepared to execute the necessary analysis for your situation. Our experience in lending across all capital sources and property types, loan servicing and work-outs, loan and property valuations and mortgage brokerage enables us to use the most effective tools when working with your lender. Our process starts with a review of your situation and includes:

  • Evaluating property debt capacity, default prospects and assessing property cash flow
  • Providing sale/refinance scenarios and alternative financing options
  • Developing loan work-out plans
  • Preparing an indicative value based upon the net present value of the asset
  • Calculating a net present value of the loan as held by the lender
  • Analyzing the economic impact to the lender under multiple scenarios (i.e., forbearance, deed-in-lieu, foreclosure, debt relief, refinancing, discounted pay-off)
  • Preparing a presentation with documentation and leading the discussion with the lender

Dominion Realty Capital’s Debt Advisory Services will provide you with the solutions to your pressing loan challenges. Not only will you receive professional service in dealing with your current debt issues, you will be able to access the full spectrum of real estate financial services through Dominion Realty Capital.

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