Dominion Realty Capital


Dominion Realty Capital makes use of the most aggressive and most competitive lenders available in today’s marketplace. We are constantly attuned to the forces within lending institutions that create the temporary pricing disparities. Because of the breadth and quality of our lending relationships, Dominion Realty Capital has consistently identified these disparities and converted them into advantageous borrowing opportunities for our clients.

To ensure we develop the best possible capital structuring plan, Dominion Realty Capital process begins with an in-depth study of your strategic objectives.

  • Analyze the asset’s past operating performance and/or projected future performance
  • Apply our competitive market knowledge
  • Recommend a capital structure that best fits your objectives
  • Create a customized “lender-friendly” underwriting package
  • Identify potential lenders with investment goals that match your desired capital structure
  • Market the transaction to prospective lenders and secure competitive bids
  • Help negotiate and close the transaction

Dominion Realty Capital’s long established relationships with insurance companies, savings banks, foreign and domestic commercial banks, private lenders and hedge funds, and pension funds have allowed us to provide our clients with the most competitive terms and most reliable executions in the market.

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